(Video) Be in Awe as a Prepper Completes a Survival Bunker in His Own Backyard!

SHTF shelter

We all want to do it but few of us really have the know-how or ambition to build our own survival bunker. We might build a shack out in the wilderness somewhere, maybe even go underground, but the thought and craftiness Colin Furse utilizes may put some of us to shame!

Apparently, a lot of it has to do with attitude. If you listen to him he may not seem the most serious prepper you’ve ever met but it is his actions that really display his sincerity!

The man is a welding genius and a gifted engineer. He and the project has a few problems – like rain – but that is not a deterrent! He’s appropriately proud of the work he has completed and, as he says, the structure with its sneaky tunnel leading to the beautiful arched roof in the main room has all the ingredients to make for an excellent safe house… and super villain lair!

Did we say he is a character? He is and you can take a look at his work over on the next page!

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  1. David Scott said:

    What good is it to have a bunker when you advertise it. All his neighbors will want in in an emergency and if they get desperate they can destroy his bunker.

  2. AC Pecorara said:

    Fresh air, water and sanitation are the big ones. If the end is coming get a gun and dye like a man on your feet, that’s the way we do it in the USA.

  3. Richard S Beck Jr. said:

    That’s defiantly not a bunker in my mind. That’s more like an underground bug out house. And its not far enough down to help protect from radiation.

  4. Opinca Paul said:

    safety on ladders with Colin Furze! safety on ladders with Colin Furze!!

  5. Michael Beckerman said:

    Wait a minute here, did he just put sheets of steel down without doing any type of rust-prevention treatment on them at all?