(Video) A Man Sleeps Outside in Sub-Zero Temps Without a Fire or Tent. How He Makes This Possible? Wow!


It's hard to imagine having a SHTF event when it's the middle of winter, but the truth is when a disaster takes place it's important to be prepared for every circumstance and weather. If a person must flee from their home to bug out they will need to know how to survive.

When bugging out and making a camp outdoors in your only option, you'll need a backup shelter. A backup shelter will help you sleep on the ground even if it's covered in snow and there aren't that many supplies such as trees available to help you make a shelter.

If a tent isn't available and making a fire in these wet conditions is challenging, surviving the night may seem impossible. However, with just a few blankets you can survive through the night and stay warm enough as well.

Matter of fact, having the proper blankets may be one of the most important supplies to own for SHTF.

Watch how a survivalist makes it through the night in sub-zero temps with only blankets. This video on the next page is very revealing as to what is possible if you plan ahead of time!

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  1. Smee Deans said:

    Been there done that I used to wake up shivering so hard it was painful police and council don’t help by throwing your bedding away arrest you for being homeless I’ve had the lot !!

  2. Shane Hastings said:

    Keep your head covered just never under your bedding/blankets, moisture from you breathing will make you colder and can kill you…

  3. Brett Adams said:

    Been there done that, Germany in winter on maneuvers, cold weather gear wrapped in an army woobie ( that’s a poncho liner for the uninitiated ) perfectly warm frozen in place. Got up to the woobie still standing where I had been all night. We went to break camp and go back to base and the command tent was frozen in place also, we pulled the support poles out and it just stayed standing. Took two weeks to thaw it out and bring it in.

  4. Anthony Weatherbee said:

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  7. Patrick Howell said:

    I done it with just the tent but it was a summer tent so it didnt help that much
    Us ppl from northern NY are used to that temp range though

  8. Noé Ben Yasharal said:

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