Try this Amazing Tick Removal Tool When a Tick Won’t Come Off!


Running into a tick is an inevitable reality if you spend a lot of time in the outdoors in all but the colder areas of North America.

Even then, in recent years, tick ranges seem to have expanded and their “season” seems to have also started earlier.

A bite from a tick is at best scary and annoying, but it also can have much graver consequences.

Ticks are actually arachnids and ectoparasites, meaning they are parasites that feed on their host externally as opposed to internally like a tapeworm would do.

They can carry a host of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoa; depending on where you live, the diseases they can cause vary.

Worse, if they do bite you, the bite can become infected from leftover tick parts.

That means you must remove them from your person as soon as possible and if you get bitten, remove them carefully; the next page shows how.

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  1. Michael Lee Webb said:

    That is dangerous, as the Tick’s nervous system will force it to basically vomit into you and the chances of contracting Lyme or any of the dozen other neurological diseases they can carry go up dramatically.

  2. Lance said:

    “They ‘perform’ warmth & humidity”. Obvious typo – should be ‘prefer’? Hope it helps.

  3. Don Vance said:

    I’ve had a fuckton of ticks just pull the damn things off who maks a tick lasso

  4. Gerard Payne said:

    I had one that got really rooted in, he was good and deep. It was on my shoulder blade, so I couldn’t do it myself, and so I went to the free clinic to have somebody help me out. Some guy that claimed to be a med student looked at it, then started opening and closing drawers and mumbling to himself. He ended up cutting it out with a razor blade. I had blood running down my back, and so forth. It was memorable, lol. But I never got infected or anything.

  5. Gerald Wood said:

    Sarurate them with almost any oil and they will release and back out on their own. And them they will die from the oil because they cant breath.

  6. Sharon Smith said:

    Tommy Saulter I got covered one year when we were looking for land. I believe that is where I got mine. But my doctor believes I have had it since I was a child. I never had a doctor ask for my childhood records before. It took me a long time to get those records. I actually thought they would not exist. But they found them.

  7. John Cody said:

    Light a match blow it out stick it on the tick those little bastards back out quick!

  8. Salvatore William Velleri said:

    best way to remove them is light a match bow it out touch tick with hot tip they back of and release and then swat if off

  9. Steve Gwisdalla said:

    I carry a small bottle of Campho Phenique in my pack. It is a great anti-itch lotion if I get bit up and ticks hate the smell and will pull their head out to get away from that stuff. Thanks to my Grandma in Arkansas for that one. Works great on chiggers too!

  10. Jim Bouldin said:

    Vaseline.. Put a gob of it over the tick, it will pull out on its own.. Old school and it works every time..

  11. Gerard Payne said:

    I tried that several times on me, my cats, and my dogs. Never worked even once.

  12. Gerard Payne said:

    That’s the best way if they aren’t in deep. And if they are, I don’t see how a lasso will help.

  13. D Steven Carter said:

    Bag Balm or Petroleum Jelly, cover them – smother them…….They will back out

  14. Trish Smith said:

    PetzLife manufactures a product called Herbal Defense Tickz which touts it as a healthy effective alternative to oral and topical chemicals for fleas and ticks. The ISSUE is it contains TANSY which has been identified as TOXIC by Animal Poison Control. Petzlife claims that it is safe because it contains less than 3% TANSY. I am unwilling to force feed my pet any amount of a TOXIC substance. PLEASE SHARE!

  15. Jacob Shrewsbury said:

    A Simple life hack is to bathe in original dawn dish soap before and after being in the woods. Ticks won’t bite you. I’ve been doing it for about 8 years and haven’t found a single tick that’s latched on. I’ll occasionally catch one crawling on me but they won’t bite me.