Try this Amazing Tick Removal Tool When a Tick Won’t Come Off!


The range of a tick is very varied, but generally, they perform warmth and humidity.

They can be responsible for many diseases, including, but not limited to Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tick-borne meningoencephalitis; here is one awesome way to remove them safely.

I disassembled a mechanical pencil. You could also use an old pen. It just has to be hollow, open at both ends, and the “lasso” end needs to have a relatively small opening.

Thread the lasso by inserting the ends of the string into the narrow opening of the pencil casing, leaving a loop. You'll want to leave long ends of extra string hanging out.

To remove a tick, loop the lasso around the tick, where it's attached, close to the skin. Then pull the ends of the string tight — you're tightening the “noose” — and firmly pull the tick out.

tick lasso

via Instructables

I always trap the removed tick between 2 pieces of tape, to ensure it can't crawl onto someone else.

Ticks are no joke and it certainly is unnerving when you get bit by one.

Discovering the bite is half the battle because if you remove it improperly, you run the risk of infection.

By using this handy tick removal system, however, you can ensure the tick is removed, the risk of infection is nil and you can resume enjoying your time in the outdoors!

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  1. Maria Iaci Machado said:

    Pour some alcohol on the tick and it will come off easily, you just have to pull it off gently. But you have to burn the remains to kill the eggs.

  2. Anthony Talley said:

    Just pluck the sob n hope you dont contract lyme. So many ways claiming to be “The best way”, when in reality…theres no tried n true method thats gauranteed safe. This is strictly an opinion. Choose what way suits you best n get to plucking…