Trench Foot: How to Handle it Before it Takes Over

trench foot symptoms

Although it may not be an incredibly common condition, trench foot is a serious condition that can lead to infection and other conditions. If you're unfamiliar with it, trench foot occurs when your feet are overly exposed to damp and unsanitary conditions.

If you're constantly having outdoor adventures and not taking proper care of your feet, trench foot could be a very real possibility. So what can you do when you start exhibiting symptoms? It's pretty simple.

This tips on the following page will show you the best way to keep your feet dry and safe from trench foot. It's a lot easier than you think.

Read the advice after the break to find out how you can avoid trench foot with a few simple tips!

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  1. Juan Perez said:

    Put some rice it will absorb all the Asians where you at and will fix your foot , wait wrong joke

  2. Gerard Olszewski said:

    Yeah, it’s a tough thing to have to contend with, it’s something you have to live through in order to appreciate the complexity of the bacteria that can so overwhelm the body.Wish him success in his battle, it’s always something, isn’t it…Good luck !

  3. Dustin Vin Zant said:

    Soak your tootsies in your own piss! I learned it from a Vietnam vet. It works every damn time!

  4. Mark A Hernandez said:

    Michael Lawson read this. Living here in Alaska this is a real problem especially during the winter months

  5. Chris Martin said:

    Plastic bags will not keep your feet dryer. Where do you think all the sweat is going that’s coming from your feet?

  6. Bill Smith said:

    Well bud let me tell ya. When it’s about 30 degrees and wind blowing about 40 out of the north and it’s raining… kept my feet dry

  7. Troy Detter said:

    Wear pantyhose (roll/cut down to sock length) and then wear wool socks. Powder is your best friend. Always have two pair of socks. And a bottle of Ibuprofen.

  8. Chris Martin said:

    Bill, you obviously don’t understand the science behind vapor barrior.

  9. James Bell said:

    I had that when I was a Wildland Firefighter.
    Scare me half to death

  10. Matthew Kielkowski said:

    Wrapping your socks around your neck on a rainy day will help dry them out too , it sucks if you have been on the trail a while but it does the trick .and wrapping your socks around a dry stick then coil some cordage around them from top to bottom will wring them out better than doing it by hand .

  11. Kevin Strade said:

    Let your feet breathe and dry as often as possible. Fungus and bacteria looove moisture.