Trench Foot: How to Handle it Before it Takes Over

trench foot symptoms

Although it may not be an incredibly common condition, trench foot is a serious condition that can lead to infection and other conditions. If you're unfamiliar with it, trench foot occurs when your feet are overly exposed to damp and unsanitary conditions.

If you're constantly having outdoor adventures and not taking proper care of your feet, trench foot could be a very real possibility. So what can you do when you start exhibiting symptoms? It's pretty simple.

This tips on the following page will show you the best way to keep your feet dry and safe from trench foot. It's a lot easier than you think.

Read the advice after the break to find out how you can avoid trench foot with a few simple tips!

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  1. Chad Ford said:

    Go bare footed ,and walk on some coals to harden your feet

  2. Lance Sharples said:

    David Schneider, when I first saw this I thought oh no, he needs to wear sandals!