This New Map Shows Everyone Their Chances of Being Destroyed by a Nuke


Coming across this map was something else. Not only was it intriguing to learn about what type of zone I live in and whether I'm subject to danger, but now I realize just how much of a life-saver this map could be for my friends and family members before a disaster should hit.

Trust me, after taking a look at this map you're going to want to tell your friends about it. They'll likely want to check this map out as well to see what their chance are of being destroyed by a nuke.

Now with the tensions that continue to mount over Russia, North Korea, and Syria, people and preppers more specifically are amping up the preparations for what may be to come. This includes getting their food stockpiles, water rations, and bug out shelters ready to go.

So before you spend your hard-earned retirement money on building a state of the art fallout shelter let's take a deep breath and see what your chances of getting hit by a nuke are.

You can find out by checking out the map on the next page. 

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  1. Jeff Weinheimer said:

    I like the map but it doesn’t seem too look like it takes the terrain into it. Where I live we got a valley just over the hill. The hill down to River level is about 500 ft. And then I’m down in another small area. Most of the storms we get blow right over top of us.

  2. Steven Bevier said:

    Well according to this I should be just fine as far as the nukes go. The nearest impact zone is Eugene, OR (about 220 miles) or Sacramento, CA (about 373 miles). I live on the Pacific coast near the CA/OR border so coastal mountains would help not to mention the weather generally moves west – east so that would take the fallout away from us. As long as the Cascadia Subduction Zone doesn’t rupture at the same time we’ll be okay until the panic and refugees start showing up.

  3. Roger Mathers said:

    Look, if the USA gets hit by nukes and your survive… It won’t be long before you wish you didn’t

  4. Steve Baldi said:

    I wonder if that house across the street from Franklin park still it’s bomb shelter ?

  5. John Duerr said:

    Lol all I see is a map nothing else telling us anything. I guess we are all

  6. Steele Smith said:

    There are a lot of these maps out and every single one is completely different

  7. Tom Mervine said:

    The most devastating nuclear attack would be in the form of an atmospheric EMP. More Americans would die in 12 months from an EMP than from 30 nukes in our major cities.

  8. Joe Roberts said:

    That’s how I feel
    I live 9 miles from central command
    Mcdeel AFB
    Id rather be taken out quickly and be done ,, than die a horrible death
    Just be prayed up with the Lord

  9. Daniel Norling said:

    The answer is everyone but the one T-800 that’s out there… Somewhere…