This Miracle-Working Substance Found in a Kitchen Has the Power to Stop Bleeding


When you get a cut or any type of wound, you probably automatically assume that it will take a while for the bleeding to stop. Depending on how serious the wound is, somewhat minor cuts can really take a while to heal.

What if there was a way to stop the bleeding and heal your wounds a lot faster? This miracle remedy isn't hard to find!

Just by looking at your spice rack, you can find the best way to stop your cut from bleeding. What is this miracle substance? Read on to find out and how to apply it!

It's simple and incredibly easy. Not to mention, you can apply this topically and even consume it for extra fast healing.

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  1. Robert Brown said:

    Cayenne pepper, I used to be a chef and this indeed does work on small cuts.

  2. Rick Dove said:

    Put it on ONEpage I’ll read it try to force me to click over and over and it’s$#%&!@*You

  3. Don Campbell said:

    I have been using this most of my life. I worked with chain saws for long time. My body has many scars. No soreness and no infection. Will stop infection too. Just soak in hot water. Easy and amazing.

  4. Ronald Walton said:

    I’m not in disagreement over its use but the go to, to eliminate the threat of staphylococcal infection, should always be oil of oregano.

  5. Samantha Kuehn said:

    People are gonna look at that pic and not read the article and think, “Chili powder for the win!” At least I hope they do. And that someone nearby has a camera.

  6. Travis Bryant said:

    I cut the tip of my finger off at work and did this. Although it did stop the bleeding and sanitize the cut it about put me on my knees. “Topical use only” that a fact

  7. Joseph Holmberg said:

    Pour cayenne pepper on the wound, mix some with water and drink it too #endclickbait

  8. Jim Ski said:

    Cinnamon will suck that wound dry in a heartbeat

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