THIS Key Factor is What’s Going to Make Surviving Possible During SHTF

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When The Collapse Happens, Are You Ready? You May Think You Are, But You're Probably Missing THIS Vital Resource…

Prepping is a state of mind. It's looking at the world and knowing that it would be foolish not to prepare if society fails to sustain itself.

Those who are not preppers tend to look at the world and society as a self-contained organism that will carry on no matter what we do as a whole, and that people are resilient. Those who are preppers look at the world as a time bomb, ready to crumble away at any given moment to bring forth all of the ugliness that is society.

In truth, both are right, and both are wrong. Our species, over millennia, has survived numerous onslaughts as a result of other members of our species, ourselves, and the world. We have done this not by hunkering down and waiting for things to die down and others to take care of the problem, but by working together to put things right.

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