This Genius Survival Trick Can Prevent Any Infection

wound care

It's easy to get injured or wounded during a survival moment. When the situations are rough so is the probability that you may get hurt. The bad news is if you get a wound it could get infected. However, there's a way to combat the infection that we'll discuss below.

If you can take advantage of this technique you should be able to avoid infection (of course always consult a doctor if there is one around).

Below is a guide to “Dakin’s Solution” how to utilize utilizing it to prevent infection, thanks to Survival Frog Blog.

Ingredients Needed to Make Dakin’s Solution

You can probably find everything you need to make Dakin’s solution right in your kitchen.

Clorox or similar household bleach (Note: avoid using thick or scented bleach)
Baking Soda
Tap water
Pan with lid
Measuring cup
Jar with lid
Step-by-Step Instructions
To start, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before preparing the solution.

Once that’s done, measure out 4 cups of tap water and boil it for 15 minutes in a clean pan.

Next, turn off the heat and add ½ a teaspoon of baking soda to the water.

Now, you have to decide what strength of Dakin’s solution you wish to make. This will determine the amount of bleach you use.

95 ml. of bleach for full strength.
48 ml. of bleach for half strength.
24 ml. of bleach for 1/4th
12-14 ml. of bleach for 1/8th
Add the bleach to the water and pour the solution into a sterile jar and close the lid tightly.

If you plan to store the solution, you should keep the jar in a dark area such as a cupboard or cover the jar with aluminum foil. It's nice that unopened jars can be stored for at least a month, but don't forget to label the solution so you'll know when you made it.

Now you have a great recipe to make a solution that'll come in handy for infections and to prevent them from even happening. With this excellent antiseptic, you shouldn't have to worry about infections, which means you can get more work done when a collapse hits.

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