This Genius Survival Trick Can Prevent Any Infection

wound care

When we're bugging out in the wild it's hard to expect pristine conditions. We know that things are going to be rough, uncomfortable, and we're going to get dirty. After all, we're in the great outdoors where the conditions may be harsh and if a survival scenario takes place, we'll have fewer supplies. It's bound to be challenging to adjust.

But even though roughing it may take some getting used to for some, as survivalists we should be ready to be uncomfortable and get dirty. If we're going to thrive in any environment, we need to accept that we're going to come face to face with some unsavory places.

As we accept the challenge to survive, we must be aware of the threats we may encounter. Most threats are based on location but another threat to be aware of is possibly getting injured.

If you do happen to get injured sometimes it's not very easy caring for the wound. Due to the lack of medical supplies (unless you stockpiled a ton,) it's easy for a wound to get infected. That's why it's vital to keep a wound from getting infected, and we have an excellent solution after the break.

After learning this clever method, you'll know how to take care of a wound and hopefully prevent it from getting infected. Check out the next page to learn about this survival medical trick.

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