This Easy Way to Spearfish Will Help You Catch Fish Fast Using an Ancient Skill!


Anyone who has ever fished will tell you how easy it is to lose your lines, hooks and bait. While these are indispensable items to include in any survival kit, you may quickly find yourself in a situation where you need to eat and have exhausted your fishing supplies (easy to do if you are fishing in a reedy area).

Being able to spearfish can be an incredibly useful skill to have, and may mean the difference between having a belly full of fish and going to bed hungry. With access to some simple materials — a long stick –you can spear a fish (or frog or eel, for that matter) and continue to provide for yourself when you've exhausted your other options.

To learn how to carry out this ancient skill, watch the informative and exciting video on the next page.

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  1. Jericho Rusciolelli said:

    I use a small flat pebble. When one hits, the pebble dislodges and the tines close. Binding them seems like a bad idea.
    Cut spurs in each tine.

  2. Paul Marshall said:

    I`d use a plug of wood to spread the tines, nothing portruding outside them to catch or deflect the blow