This DIY Portable Solar Generator is Fantastic to Have When SHTF

solar generator

Power on the go is not just a temptation but a very real need. We do not know what the future will bring but having something like what is demonstrated below is a true foot up during a chaotic situation!

Testing it out on a wilderness trek or camping trip is a great idea. When the SHTF you want to be absolutely sure you are ready and wired for power, whether you are staying where you are or must bug-out.

One day we would like to see miniature solar panels that a prepper can take with him anywhere but until that point a DIY generator like this will certainly do the trick!


  1. Stevie Lynn Skaggs said:

    I don’t think I am sharp enough to make it Mike Jackson, but does sound good, wonder what total cost would be.

  2. Devin Elmore said:

    This project has no generation involved… This is only a storage component