This DIY Portable Solar Generator is Fantastic to Have When SHTF

solar generator

In this day and age when it’s difficult to be certain of anything, it's important to at least have electricity. Power keeps us going; phones, TVs, lamps, and even some stoves cannot start up without it. The problem is, electricity is becoming more and more expensive and if a SHTF moment should happen, it's likely the power will be affected.

Many people are looking for alternate forms of power, and many have gone the way of solar. Now, we know you are thinking of those big panels that have to be pinioned onto your house, but that’s only a part of it.

Portability is all the rage these days, so if you can find a portable solar generator or build one of you own, you pretty much have it made!

Visit page two and check out a terrific DIY video that might just get you started!

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  1. Stevie Lynn Skaggs said:

    I don’t think I am sharp enough to make it Mike Jackson, but does sound good, wonder what total cost would be.

  2. Devin Elmore said:

    This project has no generation involved… This is only a storage component