Things You’ll Wish You Had During a Survival Moment

survival supplies

Check out the below items. A lot of them serve more than one purpose but they are all must haves should an emergency situation make itself known.

There are many reasons why alcohol is an excellent resource. The top two are obvious: its physical impact on us when we consume it, and its ability to disinfect wounds. Whether you’re personally into drinking alcohol or not, you’re going to regret not having enough alcohol when the SHTF. After all, think of all the people who would be willing to trade almost anything for a bottle of their favourite whisky or beer.

Can Openers
It’s great to have a high quality can opener, but if you lose it or break it, you’re in a lot of trouble. The majority of stockpiles will have a very large number of canned goods, and without a can opener, it’s going to be difficult to get what’s in the can out without wasting a good chunk of the insides or cutting yourself trying to get that can open.

Lighters and Matches
Really and truly, you cannot have enough of these lying around. Sure you can make fire without them, but it’s hard: really hard. Unless you have apt practice in the fire-making field, stock up on these as much as possible.

Toilet Paper
There’s a reason why this one makes it onto pretty much every list like this. Yes, it’s a simple thing, and yes, of course you can live without it, but you probably really won’t want to. Do yourself a favour and make sure you’re always (and I mean always) heavily stocked up on toilet paper.

You can have as many knives as you want, but when your last pair of scissors breaks, you’re going to be sorry. Scissors make cutting hair, nails, and a slew of other things one heck of a lot easier.

What happens if your septic tank overflows and you’re left with contaminated waste everywhere? Need a quick way to disinfect water so you can safely drink? One simple and effective way to fix both these problems is by using bleach. It’s as cheap and easy as a cleaning agent gets.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. A bit of pain here and there is the last thing you’ll worry about when the SHTF. Maybe when it comes to a little pain, yes, that’s true, but what happens when you get a cavity and that tooth absolutely has to come out?

There are more things you'll wish you had during a survival moment. To check them out visit More Than Just Surviving. While you might not want to “save it all” when things go bad, you will definitely want to save what is important!

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  1. Pete Siegel said:

    The one thing that got left off is a rifle in 22lr and both regular and shot shells for it. Use the shot shells for small birds and mice sized game and the regular ammunition for rabbit and squirrel sized game up to and including deer. You can carry more 22lr than any other caliber with the exception of the short 22 calibers.