Things You’ll Wish You Had During a Survival Moment

survival supplies

There are a lot of things we feel we need to have should a chaos situation ever present itself. Just think of the grid going down, all the power in the house is off, and it's time to pull out your candles and flashlights. If you hadn't thought ahead of time, you might have to rely on the kindness of your neighbors.

This is certainly not a good feeling. To prevent this from happening it's important to prepare yourself and feel like you have everything you need when SHTF.

We doubt you would be here on this site if you weren't already at least minimally aware of the need to have certain items in you bug-out bag or pantry.

On the following page take a look at the items listed. They may seem like simple and common sense things that you need, but you might be surprised by some of these items.

Consider storing these items away just in case you need them someday. Find out what these important supplies are after the break.

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  1. Pete Siegel said:

    The one thing that got left off is a rifle in 22lr and both regular and shot shells for it. Use the shot shells for small birds and mice sized game and the regular ammunition for rabbit and squirrel sized game up to and including deer. You can carry more 22lr than any other caliber with the exception of the short 22 calibers.