The Venus Project Envisions a Sustainable Redesign of Cities and Civilization

future homes


The very idea that crime, a mob mentality, poverty, and homelessness can be remedy is a vision of the future we can certainly get behind. Just picture a society where there is a job for everyone, we can all drink clean water and eat mouth-watering foods, and spend much needed time with our families while sitting in our comfortable homes and watching the latest flick on our large screen TVs.

Somehow, we think that same ideal, of one man never being any better than another, living and working the same, was also preached to the citizens of The Soviet Socialist Republic as one time  — but we digress.

A true utopian world would be bliss if it ever got off the ground and if those ideals became realities, and with the implementation of The Venus Project, we might have one foot pointed in the right direction.

Roxanne Meadows founded The Venus Project to not only address world problems, but also to redesign sustainable cities.

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  1. Andrew Vliet said:

    Wow. Very progressive of you to post this. Also interesting, check out the Survivor Library, and the Open Source Ecology projects. Both forward thinking like the Venus Project is, but with a different slant to each of them.

  2. Wm Luebbert said:

    This is nothing more than Brave New World and Logan’s Run dressed up! Who will be in charge? Not the citizens, if they partake of this!

  3. Tommy Funk said:

    Lol… Today’s Liberals and Progressive degenerates are America’s enemy #1, stage 4 cancer devouring America… True Good American’s now are administering the chemo… Your cancerous days like Islam are numbered. The Giant has once again awaken and there is no place to run, hide, cry, beg or pray it away.
    Fight back or be devoured.
    No mercy! They would have none for your children!

  4. Mary Ann Nelson said:

    I agree! Anything connected with the U.N. is bad news for America. Defund it and get it off our soil.