The Truth as to Just How Much Your Mind Affects Your Ability to Survive

man drinking water from leaf

We heard a story from a few years ago about two young women in a boat. Somewhere along the line, their motor conked out, and they were forced to be self-sufficient until help came. They had very few supplies, so they ate and drank very little and in the mean time did all they could to attract attention.

Later, when rescued, one of the girls said they never talked about food and water. They needed to concentrate on survival and if they focused too much on things they had little or no control over they would be doomed.

In their case, this was a scenario that worked. After a week, they were found. The women were a little thinner and dehydrated but – all things considered – pretty healthy!

Even then, survival experts were touting the ladies state of mind; their focus, the fact that they did not panic, was probably one the factors that saved their lives.

After the break, learn more about a survivor's mindset should be.

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