The Top 16 Most Dangerous Animals in the World Will Shock You. #10 Blew My Mind.

black mamba snake

When you think of the most dangerous animals in the world, you probably think about the big predators at the top of the food chain. You know, the ones with the big teeth and big claws. If you're honest, the “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” image of an imposing force flashes across your mind.

Well, that's not exactly the case. These are some species that you probably didn’t think of when you saw the word “dangerous.”

We’re talking about animals that don’t necessarily make headlines when they attack, but they are still very menacing. Sometimes they’re little and can be innocent looking too. But they’re definitely the ones you should steer clear of (although #10 might be a bit difficult for you).

After the break, discover what the ten most dangerous animals in the world are, beginning with creepy crawly animals that'll make you squirm just by looking at the image on the next page.

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  1. Aaron Matheny said:

    Brian mosquito hasn’t killed look at the photo are you trying to tell me malaria has killed more people then that squirrel with the Bowie knife

  2. Arthur Miniear said:

    They loose me every time I have to flip through pages. Put it on one page. But from the comments, I didn’t miss anything.

  3. Garry West said:

    For us who epitome in SEA, we would say the crate snake would be the most dangerous.

  4. Clyde Queen said:

    If your in a survivalist situation,As in SHTF,bugging out etc.People is what you got to be aware of.

  5. Jay Tin said:

    Put all your$#%&!@*on one page and people might read it.

  6. Dan West said:

    Bullshit. The most dangerous animal in the world is human. Man.

  7. Dan West said:

    Second most dangerous is the Clinton’s. Not considered human.

  8. Wayne Williams said:

    I’ve always thought that humans were the most dangerous creatures on Earth. Believe me I would feel much safer spending the night alone in the woods then in the city streets.