The ‘Fat Guys’ Host Tells Us How to Stay Safe During a Lightning Storm

lightning advice

Young or old, we have all have gotten caught in a rain storm at one time or another. Emotionally, it only becomes really dangerous for us when our imagination gets the best of us. We hear that rumble in the sky, see that flash of lightning, and we quickly get reminded of that day when we were small children. As children, we probably hid under the covers because we were so afraid.

That may not be the scenario for everyone; some might even love those big booming thunderstorms, but the fear, as well as excitement, is still real. This fear should be real because every year we hear about how injuries or even death can occur due to weather.

This danger can be especially true during a campout or a simple walk in the woods. The tall trees surrounding you are like lightning poles, and you do not want to be anywhere near them should lightening make contact!

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  1. Matt Suprna said:

    Bath weather can be bad when combined with electricity….. Smh

  2. B.i. Scofield said:

    I love bath weather. Especially when there’s a high chance of bubbles.

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