The ‘Fat Guys’ Host Tells Us How to Stay Safe During a Lightning Storm

lightning advice

Listen to some great advice regarding storm safety. For many this may be a bit of a refresher, but what you do not know could be seriously harmful! So pay attention!

If you've never been struck by lightning — congratulations! You are among many. However, if you've ever been the unfortunate recipient of a lightning strike no one can imagine the pain, the surgeries, the many hospital follow-ups you have had to endure. And sadly, you are still the fortunate one because the alternative is death!

Please be careful and follow the advice from The Fat Guy‘s host Creek Stewart. Following safety tips like this will not only save your life but those of your family too!


  1. Matt Suprna said:

    Bath weather can be bad when combined with electricity….. Smh

  2. B.i. Scofield said:

    I love bath weather. Especially when there’s a high chance of bubbles.