Survivalist Constructs and Sleeps in Over 100 DIY Survival Shelters – Incredible!


When out in the wilderness we often have to ask ourselves what we plan to do for shelter. If you are smart you already have a method chosen before you take your great hike. Even if you merely brought a tarp with you the seeds of shelter building have been born.

Still, with our knife and whatever other tools we have brought with us the building of a camp shelter is a daunting task. Honestly, despite the bulk, a simple pop-up tent works wonders for these situations! No fuss, no muss.

But what if, like Kevin Langan, you decide to build from nature alone, using only a knife to make your shelter from the timber about you? Not only is that an all-day job but exhausting as well! Yet, Langan was determined and he was also very creative!

He wasn’t going to build one single structure but decided to make varying structures – one hundred to be precise – of different sizes and shapes! Again, just him and a really great knife to build from.

After the break, go over to the next page and check out some of his creations! They’re incredible!

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  1. James Pallasch said:

    I am impressed. It does not have to be the Trump tower, but it must do the job of allowing one to greet another dawn. I remember building some huts, or forts, like these when I was a young man. You are only limited by your body limitations and your imagination!