Supplies Cowboys Had in Their Possession Will Also Help Us Survive Today in Any Situation



We tend to think of a cowboy as some guy from yesteryear, one of those tough and burly men who rode the range, steering cattle in the right direction, corralling the beasts, then doing the big brand! They were all that but they were also survivalists and preppers of sorts.

These were the men who rode their horses for miles, often laying in the wilderness for days and weeks with nothing more than a blanket and campfire.

Obviously, they had more than that and this is the purpose of this article. They had to be well prepared but also could not carry bulky items. It was all bare-essentials!

After the break go to the next page and read up on just what those items were.

We rough it today in preparation of the SHTF but we don’t truly know what it is all about until we read up on our pioneer and cowboy ancestors!

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  1. Harold Mcdermott said:

    Yeah I think they had alot of beans with them also they last a very long time kept dry, And very high in protein but they did take some time to cook

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