Supplements You Need on Hand to Treat Radiation Sickness When SHTF

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Nuclear Attacks: We Don't Want To Think About Them But They Can Happen. Nuclear Radiation Is a Reality We Must Consider And Here's How To Combat The Consequences Of Radiation Poisoning:

You have a bug out shelter, plenty of food, lots of gear and an extensive first aid kit. But do you have the necessary supplies to combat nuclear radiation?

Most people don't have these essential supplements, or even know what they are. However, with the rising risk of nuclear attack from several countries around the world, having supplements on hand to combat the effects of radiation sickness could mean the difference between life and a slow and painful death. Not to mention you should also be prepared for the constant chance of a nuclear meltdown at a power plant and even the threat of heavy radiation from natural sources.

We are always being reminded of the realities of these threats when we see instances in Japan with the Fukushima plant, and the radiation that is streaming all the way to the west coast of the United States. Things like this can happen all the time, and it's important to be prepared for them.

To learn what supplements you can keep on hand to fight radiation sickness, check out the article on the next page.

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  1. Bruce Reilly said:

    Radiation is already on us from the Fukushima nuclear disaster five years ago.

  2. Jeff Burchiel said:

    Um we should probably hope, if we want to survive (thrive) that and I quote “this is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.

  3. Matt Bradley said:

    Me and my nuclear physics buddy were just talking about this tonight. He said the same damn thing.

  4. Ryan Michael Flynn said:

    By the way, something has come up.
    Another settlement need our help.
    I’ll mark the coordinates on your pip-boy.
    We’ll take back the Commonwealth one piece at a time.

  5. Jay Criddle said:

    Of all the organs in your body, your thyroid tends to be one of the most sensitive to radiation damage (second only to the kidneys). It readily absorbs the radioactive form of iodine, known as iodine-131, which is a known byproduct of nuclear fission. The best way to prevent this exposure, is by supplementing with normal healthy iodine, which will push the iodine-131 out of your thyroid.

    This crystalline substance is naturally found in volcanic ash, and has been used for decades to clean up radioactive particles from nuclear facilities. It can also be used to absorb these harmful particles from your body. It’s tasteless and non-toxic, and can bind to Uranium-238, Caesium-137, and Strontium-90.

    Bentonite Clay
    When mixed with water, bentonite clay creates a powerful negative charge that is ideal for bonding with radioactive particles, as well as other pollutants like pesticides and heavy metals. Although there is a wide selection of bentonite clays on the market, if you’re looking for clays that you can eat, make sure you find one that is advertised as “food grade.”

    Not only does it absorb Caesium-137, Potassium-40, and Strontium-90, but it can also play a key role in regenerating tissue that is damaged by these substances. Children living around the Chernobyl plant were given 5 gram doses of spirulina every day for several weeks, and were found to be in excellent health afterward.

  6. Shannon Gimenes said:

    If nuclear war happens tomorrow, working about having iodine, zeolite, and others won’t mean a damn thing, the radiation levels will be so high you could have an IV line supplying you everthing and you will still die.

  7. Bonnie Baehr Dillashaw said:

    I know it’s not the same but I went through chemotherapy and radiation for cancer 2 years ago. I started myself on greens that I mixed myself containing 3 of these ingredients. My doctors were blown away at my healing and recovery time.

  8. Kevin Quenneville said:

    You really know what you’re talking about. But what will happen after all the Prepper food supplies run out?
    Will there be healthy wildlife for us to hunt, kill and eat ?
    What then?

  9. Jack Wells said:

    We have been stocking some of this for a while. Some of our group take supplements daily.

  10. Jay Criddle said:

    i just copied and paste from the article. To save people time.

  11. Richard Kane said:

    It would be nice if there was a suicide pill for everyone who don’t care to see the outcome of even a nuclear war on a small scale.

  12. Beck Compeau said:

    All u best hope u have is a 45 bullet if I get radation sick, put myself down

  13. Beck Compeau said:

    If nuclear fallout and radiation happens I hope I have a bullet to save my soul from it

  14. Richard Kane said:

    Beck Compeau If you do. I’ll gladly buy whatever you don’t feel you need.

  15. Austin Kyser said:

    Nuclear war is more survivable than you think depending on where you live. If you live in the heart of a big city or next to a high-profile military base, then you may be right. But for those of us that do not live near such things, a Nuclear War is very survivable if you take the proper steps to protect yourself and your family.

  16. Steve Fairweather said:

    The danger of fallout is widely exaggerated the main danger of an atomic detonation is the intial wave of superheated air and the shockwave thereafter fallout accounts for about 10-15% of fatalities

  17. Paul Mill said:

    I asked a VA nurse about this same thing and she broke down crying and said, “We’re all just f—ed!” Not a Professional approach. I’ve no idea what they’re teaching those nurses. I had studied at the U.S. Army Chemical Corps School at Ft McClellan, Alabama and discussed nukes at in your lap distances. This article is right on.

  18. Anthony Fe said:

    Oh yea don’t forget about the 3 week long nuclear rain that will not stop drop nuclear dust filled water into every unsealed crack on the planet.