Supplements You Need on Hand to Treat Radiation Sickness When SHTF

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Nuclear Attacks: We Don't Want To Think About Them But They Can Happen. Nuclear Radiation Is a Reality We Must Consider And Here's How To Combat The Consequences Of Radiation Poisoning:

You have a bug out shelter, plenty of food, lots of gear and an extensive first aid kit. But do you have the necessary supplies to combat nuclear radiation?

Most people don't have these essential supplements, or even know what they are. However, with the rising risk of nuclear attack from several countries around the world, having supplements on hand to combat the effects of radiation sickness could mean the difference between life and a slow and painful death. Not to mention you should also be prepared for the constant chance of a nuclear meltdown at a power plant and even the threat of heavy radiation from natural sources.

We are always being reminded of the realities of these threats when we see instances in Japan with the Fukushima plant, and the radiation that is streaming all the way to the west coast of the United States. Things like this can happen all the time, and it's important to be prepared for them.

To learn what supplements you can keep on hand to fight radiation sickness, check out the article on the next page.

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  1. Shannon Gimenes said:

    Really? I guess I don’t see where you come to that conclusion. If only the least powerful 100 nuclear weapons (say Pakistan and India) were detonated the death toll on the planet would be a meer 2 billion in the first five years. Rainfall would drop by over 4%, the ozone would lose about 25% of it’s protective layer increasing cancer exposures, the first two years alone would be a 2-3 degree drop with a reduction of 24-40 days of growing. Rainwater would be contaminated for up to three to seven years once the 25 tones of carbon are spewed into the upper atmosphere from the detonation of just 100 of the weakest out of the estimated 15000 – 19000 including an estimated 7800 megaton which are at least 100 times more powerful then the above 100. DNA from crops like corn would be destroyed and mutated, animal deaths and lack of pollination would wipe out mankind within 10-15 years at most. If more than that happens, what planet are you moving to, cause you’re delusional if you think your bunker and two year supply of rations will make you live on a planet that can’t sustain life anymore.

  2. Tony Moore said:

    You needs to study about nuclear war and “fall out”. It’s more survivable than you think.

  3. Nikky Stuhlmiller said:

    Actually informative. I’ve been told all my life that only iodine is good for radiation exposure which sucks….I’m allergic to iodine. Now I know that there are other things I CAN take.

  4. Douglas Brown said:

    The only radiation sickness you can”treat” by yourself is mild thyroid poisoning. It can be done, medically, only with iodide or iodine. If you have poisoning beyond this or in other organs, especially liver-pancreas-brain, you’re in world of hurt and need to try and find hospital grade medical help.

  5. Nichol Ferguson said:

    Iodide is not the only treatment, but is definitely the only PROVEN treatment recorded per medical testing. Preventative in terms of reason is a form of treatment (such as Vitamin C to the common cold) – where many other natural substances also boost the immune system.
    Yet, I will herein support your comment as a safeguard for readers. Placebo efforts will not save lives where radiation is concerned. This is not “there’s no right or wrong method” illnesses.
    Readers must realize that time is critical, and mistakes in dosage or estimating exposure levels is the razors edge between life and death.
    Omit not the post for it’s helpful content or intention – simply be aware that relying on alternative treatments is much like taking lozenges for bronchial pneumonia (recipe for disaster). On the other side of the coin, using potassium iodide habitually is unsafe and wistful. It’s more important to be well versed in diagnosing radiation poisoning, and also possess a means of measuring the ambient levels (Geiger counter/rfs strips) Good looking out, Douglas – posts as these are often misleading even though they circumvent factual information.

  6. Nichol Ferguson said:

    Be very very careful Nikky…
    And be advised, that once poisoned – it will severely impair judgement. Self diagnosis is difficult once the illness has shown symptoms.