Successfully Getting Rid of the Sting From Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets

It’s a good idea to always have Benadryl on hand or near by when you work outdoors or go into any area that is known to have a lot of insects. Because some people do not know how they will react to a sting, an antihistamine can be your best friend! See below:

Remedies and treatments for mild reactions from stings:
◾Topical and oral antihistamines work to help reduce inflammation and itching. Scratching the itchy sting site could introduce bacteria into the skin and cause infection.
◾If you have cold presses or ice available, apply 10 minutes on and ten minutes off (repeat as necessary) to help reduce the itching and swelling.
◾Plantain – Where there is no doctor or medical treatment available, I highly recommend plantain (weed – not banana) leaves. Release the juices by chewing or crushing and apply ASAP. Plantain is a common weed found in most places.
◾Apply a clay/mud pack to the affected area. Wrap it with clean cloth or bandage and allow the pack to dry.
◾Meat tenderizer mixed with water to form a paste can be applied to neutralize the venom.
◾Along the same lines, baking soda and water can help heal the sting.
◾Activated charcoal and water will help as well.

With this in mind, do not allow getting stung from an insect like a Yellow Jacket keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. Remember, they are smaller than you, even if their sting does pack a wallop.

To read more go over to Survival Sherpa! Just be prepared. After all, they are probably more afraid of you than you are of them … so sting back with vigilance!



  1. Dan Therkildsen said:

    I spayed “spectracide bug stop” all over a nest and they swarmed around a bit, later I sprayed more, pissed them off a bit, the next day a soaked it thoroughly, they came back. I finally poured gasoline on it ……no more wasps.

  2. Wayne Skinner said:

    Never seen a yellow jacket unless it was under ground, this looks like a yellow wasp nest. i will take the wasp over the yellow jackets any day. yellow jackets will eat you up.

  3. Rickey Don said:

    Moist tobacco will relieve the sting. So will roll on deodorant.