Stung by a Few Yellow Jackets? These Natural Home Remedies Will Help Post-Collapse

yellow jackets

If you are stung by a yellow jacket when SHTF, here are some incredible and all natural home remedies that will help with the pain!

When a collapse occurs, all preppers know that it is not only important to have enough food, water, and weapons in your bug out bag. You should also have first aid supplies and know how to use everyday items and things found in nature to help you out.

This is especially true if you find yourself stung by a yellow jacket or two during a disruptive event. You most likely won't be able to get to a doctor or hospital right away, so knowing some natural home remedies could be key to helping you and your family with this problem.

This way you can ease the pain and help with the symptoms until you are able to seek medical attention. If you know these remedies, you will be better prepare for insect related situations and they just might safe your life!

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  1. Mark McLean said:

    Tape a penny over the sting
    Within minutes the swelling will reduce and pain will subside