Strong Earthquakes Hit San Francisco and Mount St. Helens – Experts Believe They Are Foreshocks for ‘Something Larger’

San Francisco Earthquake


  1. Mike Floyd said:

    Finally we have some hope of being rid of the liberal crap .

  2. Nic Jerome said:

    I’ll stick with God, you can pick mother nature… let’s see who’s sacrifice ignites first.

  3. Kip Cudd said:

    Well they might secede with God’s blessing finally! Get ready for new beach front property!

  4. Paul Belcher said:

    If it happens, will they change the name from San Andreas to Trump’s Fault?

  5. Chris Brown said:

    Don’t blame mother nature because people live where mother nature clearly gives them warning signs not to live

  6. Shiloh Spencer said:

    Every time I try to read anything on here there’s a survival guide pop up that I can’t get rid of it sucks because I can never read anything

  7. Raymond Anderson said:

    there are still many good non-liberals in Kommiefornia. Also most of us are better then the liberals we dont wish such things onto them even if they are eating tide pods and demanding we all be burned for owning guns. they already had brutal fires and mud slides do not stoop to their level like they did when Texas was hit by hurricane Harvey.