Stay Alive During the Winter by Learning These Essential Bushcraft Fire Techniques

setting up a fire during the winter

It’s not rocket science. When you are out in the cold you need to get quickly warm. Hypothermia is no joke!

We were cold just looking at this video and we appreciated how our host was meticulous with his through his helpful instructions and visuals. And the tips, particularly showing us where on the tree we need to hunt for the best and dryest kindling, was VERY helpful.

The video may not make us want to run out and camp when it’s below zero, but it’s nice to know if it ever becomes necessary we can do it!

One Comment;

  1. Scotta Claborn Blanchat said:

    It appears if they’re making an upside down fire in that picture. I will only build that kind of fire these days, as it’s the hands down best