Stay Alive During the Winter by Learning These Essential Bushcraft Fire Techniques

setting up a fire during the winter

Picture yourself out in the show in the wilderness, and you need to make a fire. Now, snow is wet, which is obvious. So how can you get kindling together to build a fire without all of the moisture surrounding you getting in the way?

And we have to ask other questions like are there certain wood and branches that work better than others? That ground, even with snow cleared away is wet and cold so how do you get a fire started? Is there a special way to get a spark started?

Make it out in one piece by ensuring you can start a fire and keep it going during the winter. Otherwise, you may risk freezing.

On the next page, watch an impressive video that'll show you bushcraft fire techniques. These are techniques that everyone needs to know during these cold winter months!

Find a solution to surviving the winter after the break.

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  1. Scotta Claborn Blanchat said:

    It appears if they’re making an upside down fire in that picture. I will only build that kind of fire these days, as it’s the hands down best