Produce Different Fruit From The Same Tree

You might not believe us if we told you that apples and pears could grow in harmony together on the same tree. Cause that seems impossible. We know it might sound strange, but it's actually a real thing with a real name. It's called “grafting” and it's wonderful for people who don't have a large backyard and still want to reap the benefits of growing various types of fruit.

Grafting fruit trees isn't as difficult as it sounds. It doesn't involve science, lab work, or genetically modifying seeds. We were surprised to see how simple the process really is. Once you try out grafting for the first time, you'll be able to recreate various versions to your liking because the process is pretty much fool proof.

So, what fruit do you want to combine together?

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  1. Andrew Krause said:

    It’s not a truck. It’s only weird to people with zero horticulture experience. Stop with the clicks bait, or I will not click through, and I will post alternate links with explanations. The truly curious do not need our intelligence insulted.

  2. Donna Stone said:

    Guess people don’t learn about grafting in science classes anymore.

  3. Thomas Stigall said:

    I believe it’s called grafting and people have been doing it for many many years!