Prepper BS That You Need to Stop Believing in NOW, Before You Pay for It

Gas mask and map

We All Have BS Ideas About An Impending Collapse. Believing In This BS, However, Could Get You In Serious Trouble. Check Out These Myths To Stop Believing In Now…

We all love to fantasize about situations in which society collapses and those of us who were prepared all get to bug out to the woods and live off the land. Be honest, you know you've done it. In fact, I even have a t-shirt that says: “The Hardest Part About the Zombie Apocalypse Will Be Pretending I'm Not Excited.”

Well, the truth of the matter is that very few of us have realistic expectations about what the world will be like post-disaster. Even survival experts all have ideas about the best ways to survive that have totally been proven false by history time and time again.

What are these BS ideas that you need to get out of your head, NOW, before it's too late? Keep reading to learn a lesson or two…

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  1. Siobhra Aradia said:

    We have “levels” for every thing else, why not prepping? I think the level you are tells if you are a die hard prepper or someone who is just ready for some trouble. Level 5- Supplies for two weeks. Good for major storms where help will come. Level 4- Supplies for a couple of months, a defendable base. Level 3- can last for several years, has a small group. Level 2- A good base group, lot’s of supplies, a remote and secure base. Level 1- Same as level 2 but able to stay for a really, really long time.
    I am only Level 4 at best. But just a few years ago I was barely a level 5. I am growing. Any of these levels in my mind let’s you call yourself a prepper. Government will do it’s best to save all of us but there is not much they have done right in a long time. First they will try to find each of us and take “for the public good” all our supplies to share. I have had that happen to me.
    To my neighbors I am totally not prepared for anything. And I want to keep it that way.