Pemmican – The Ultimate Survival Food


Pemmican is one of those amazing “super” foods that is easy to make, lightweight, compact and very high in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

If correctly made, it has a shelf life of a few years up to a lifetime and can be stored in almost any environment without going bad.

Invented by Native Americans and later used by trappers, cowboys and virtually anyone out in the wilderness of the old West, Pemmican in many cases was not only the only food available, but it was also a life-saver.

Pemmican is lean, dried beef that gets crushed into a powder and mixed with hot, rendered fat. Make Pemmican with any meat, but the favorites are beef, venison, and pork.

If you're talented enough, it'll come out tasty (well as tasty as pemmican can get, anyway)

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  1. Selwyn Wiggill said:

    Common in South Africa. We call it Biltong. You can buy it just about anywhere also people make their own.

  2. Marjorie Beckman said:

    I was thinking the same thing. I figured no one would remember the movie with Charlton Heston

  3. Aaron Boalt said:

    Right on thx for tell people that’s the 1st head scratching thought I had when I read that that’s a major step to know that my mom pointed out when she taught me ,thx for pointing that out peace prayers & all my luv to y’all !!!

  4. David Donegan said:

    Or you could just buy a fruitcake. Don’t they last forever too? 😉

  5. Travis Hodge said:

    I’ve never had this, but I have heard of it. Definitely going to make some now, thanks for the post.

  6. Ron Laub said:

    And if you don’t need it you can use it for carpet padding.

  7. Tom Fullerton said:

    Ok, to render fat off of a freshly killed animal you just cut off the fat and slowly melt it down and then strain it right???