Oregon is Moving Forward With a New Tiny Home Legislation. Here Are the Details:

tiny houses

Smaller homes can truly be amazing and more lawmakers need to know about them. While it’s true that some states haven’t yet updated regulations with regards to tiny homes, it is nice to know that some, like Oregon, are ready and willing to open their eyes to the possibilities!

Now it looks like the state of Oregon is moving forward on the state level to try and draft legislation to specifically deal with tiny homes in their state. While some may not like the idea of any rules and regulations, if the emphasis is on safety and improving access to tiny homes, it is arguably a step forward compared to the sections of the country that make it difficult, if not impossible, to legally live in a tiny home without jumping through hoops, or having to move your home every so many days to maintain a “mobile” home standard that no longer applies to the quality tiny homes we see so often. With the proposed legislation in Oregon, advocates are hoping that it will make tiny living more attainable, and less of a hassle in the state.

While lawmakers do admit that the tiny house bill in Oregon still needs some modification, they are optimistic and ready to make changes once regulations are placed.

Truthfully, it will be a wonderful day once an agreement is made, bills are passed, and the tiny home movement is embraced by society as a whole!

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  1. Roger Waters said:

    The lustron corp and their lustron homes faced much the same kind of prejudice years ago.