Oregon is Moving Forward With a New Tiny Home Legislation. Here Are the Details:

tiny houses

Most were never really sure that the “tiny house revolution” would really take off but thanks to modern technology, not to mention some great TV shows that praise the cozy abodes, little homes are all the rage these days!

And why not? They are less expensive to buy, cheaper to maintain, and if you are an outdoor person, a prepper, or survivalist, why be encumbered by a huge piece of an estate you are uninterested in supporting — or may bug-out of or run to one day?

Unfortunately, regulations in various states dictate home size, foundation requirements, and other variables fail to account for the real choice to downsize and embrace the idea of tiny living.

In the other words, some state and city laws do not seem to understand that many modern tiny homes have most, if not all, of the same modern conveniences as larger homes! We’re talking about running water, air conditioning, heating, and everything else that makes a home functional.

Could there possibly be a prejudice against tiny homes simply because they are new and innovative? Read more over on the next page!

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  1. Roger Waters said:

    The lustron corp and their lustron homes faced much the same kind of prejudice years ago.