Man Manages to Survive During the Yukon Winter by Using a Camper Van


Let’s be honest. In the summer we look for any way to keep us cool and in the Winter it’s the opposite.  Why? Who wants to freeze? We don’t! Everyone likes comfort!

So, it takes a special type of person to decide they want to spend an entire winter in Canada’s Yukon territory! And we are not talking about resting in a lodge or even a shack… This guy stayed in a camper van with no kitchen!

Cud Eastbound, a filmmaker, is the man in question and the shelter is a 1977 Dodge Tradesman Camper Van! He traveled for two months through Canada then arrived in Dawson City.

Winter temperatures in the area can go below zero, so it was going to be tough. How was he to keep warm in a camper van with no kitchen?

To find out go to the next page and read up on this adventurer, a true survivor, and what he did to keep himself going through one of the coldest winters ever in the Yukon!

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  1. Marty Ames said:

    I’m not kidding, I live in Fairbanks. There is a guy who lives up near the Yukon river in an old station wagon with a small wood stove in it. He has three of these. I don’t know how he does it. It was negative thirty eight a few days ago.

  2. Cody Willimon said:

    I’m intrigued by the lifestyle. Just don’t know if I have the resolve to do it unless I have to.

  3. Jose R Mateo said:

    I was picturing that being a mounted Heavy Machine gun coming out of that van.