Is This the Most Amazing and Isolated Off Grid House in the World?

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase: “It’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.” this might be the quote to exemplifies this fascinating property.

In a zombie apocalypse (just kidding!), this would be an ideal place to hang out, just you and the puffins, but the aloneness would get to you after a while, despite its beauty!

A popular online legend is that the Icelandic government gave Elliðaey to Björk for her service to the nation. That is not true, though. Björk did once own an isolated home in Selfoss, which is on the southern tip of Iceland.

house in iceland

Also false is a story that the lodge belongs to an eccentric billionaire. Instead, the lodge belongs to a local hunting club. The club’s members use it to hunt puffin. The home even has a sauna.

Although no one lives in the home permanently, that was not always the case. Descendants of the Vikings actually lived on the island for around 300 years, settling there sometime in the 17th century. They left by the 1930s.


Despite its remote location, Elliðaey is not a practical survival location. Except for puffins, there is little food on the island.

Still, there is something to be said for such an interesting and unusual island. We can picture writers like Ernest Hemingway getting away on a landmass like this to write the great American novel – in Iceland! What about Pablo Picasso painting pictures of puffins?

Honestly, if you are looking for seclusion, something to settle the nerves while you enjoy a little puffin hunting… perhaps Elliðaey is just what the doctor ordered!

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  1. Sal Lumetta said:

    Seafood and sheep, chickens, you name it. Good cropland, plant an orchard…

  2. Jeff Taylor said:

    It’s a hunting cabin, built by/for the relocated inhabitants of the island.. nobody lives on the island anymore but i guess the hunting is too good there.

  3. Stephanie McCallister said:

    I saw these near Westman island and I was told these were not year round homes. They also seemed crazy to access!!

  4. David Lynch said:

    How did you find my house. You got a new drone for Christmas. Hey is the headland thing this sat. Night?

  5. Shannon Statler said:

    All you would have to do is dig several ditches that would irrigate the water to either over the cliff or channel it into several large tanks fer a fresh water supply.

  6. Shannon Statler said:

    Actually if you look at the bottom right corner you’ll see a sizable area that is sloping down creating a natural ditch, so it won’t flood.

  7. Marie Kelly said:

    I could see if you have money. A helicopter and/or yacht, greenhouse, and alternative energy makes it doable.