Is This the Most Amazing and Isolated Off Grid House in the World?

Having a one hundred and ten-acre island to yourself sounds great, doesn’t it? There you can prep, homestead, and survive to your heart's content. It is the ultimate off-grid home-base!

Unfortunately, it is also probably the world’s most isolated area too. The property, a single house, is located on the island of Elliðaey, which is in the North Atlantic off the southern coast of Iceland.

While isolation may be good for some it really is not what it is cracked up to be. The best game on the island are puffins and the greenery, while nice, is probably not what survivalists are think of when seriously considering living in the wilderness.

However, there is that nice home, a lovely house, and if you like the ocean – there is plenty of that too!

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  1. Sal Lumetta said:

    Seafood and sheep, chickens, you name it. Good cropland, plant an orchard…

  2. Jeff Taylor said:

    It’s a hunting cabin, built by/for the relocated inhabitants of the island.. nobody lives on the island anymore but i guess the hunting is too good there.

  3. Stephanie McCallister said:

    I saw these near Westman island and I was told these were not year round homes. They also seemed crazy to access!!

  4. David Lynch said:

    How did you find my house. You got a new drone for Christmas. Hey is the headland thing this sat. Night?

  5. Shannon Statler said:

    All you would have to do is dig several ditches that would irrigate the water to either over the cliff or channel it into several large tanks fer a fresh water supply.

  6. Shannon Statler said:

    Actually if you look at the bottom right corner you’ll see a sizable area that is sloping down creating a natural ditch, so it won’t flood.

  7. Marie Kelly said:

    I could see if you have money. A helicopter and/or yacht, greenhouse, and alternative energy makes it doable.