Improve Archery Skills With a Toothpick Crossbow

toothpick crossbow

Many of us would love to at least try out every weapon available to us. They do not just have to be a rifle, bow and arrow, or even a cannon – but everything! Practice makes perfect and we’ve loved target-shooting with the best of them.

However, a crossbow has always been something we’ve wanted to take a crack at but have never quite been given the opportunity. And no, it’s not just because Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead (c) uses one often – although he is pretty kickass!

Still, there is a way – other than having a pal with a crossbow who invites you out into the wilderness for a turkey shoot – to get the same feel of using a crossbow but in mini form. Curious?

After the break, go over to the next page. Once there, we will show you how to improve archery skills with a toothpick crossbow! What?! You heard right!

It is the latest weapon for those who work in an office and are just dying to try out a weapon on that annoying fellow employee, the one who pops gum incessantly … especially when you are on the phone … Go over and take a look!

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  1. Scott Rickard said:

    I’m sure that when going head to head in a SHTF scenario with an AR15, this thing will kick butt… Poink… Poke an eye out man… lol

  2. Adam Lee said:

    Haha I just saw it last night. I need that right about now lol

  3. Elizabeth Vega-Lee said:

    Yikes!!!! Thought of you right away. Of course your dad said, “He might shoot his eye out!”

  4. Mike Norton said:

    Suzy Patten Norton as little as you are this should be about the right size. Lmbo

  5. Chris Donnelly said:

    Just keep an aquarium with some poison dart frogs and you’re set! Now where can I buy one?