How to Relieve Pain Naturally During SHTF


It should be noted that except for the very slightest incidents of pain, natural remedies, particularly if you do not have them in pill form, will not likely yield the same results as pharmaceuticals; that is just reality.

But, if you are in the midst of a serious situation, any level of pain becomes a wearying obstacle, so natural remedies are better than nothing; here are some suggestions.

Natural Healing

Capsaicin: This is an ingredient in chile peppers and decreases pain sensation by deactivating nerve receptors on the skin. This is especially helpful for headache, muscle ache, and arthritis sufferers and those with neuropathic pain (see the pain med article) and lasts sometimes for weeks. The most pain relief occurs after using a capsaicin ointment for a month or so. Commercial Capsaicin can be found easily on the internet.

Salicin: Salicin is the original ingredient in the first pharmaceutical, Aspirin, and has been manufactured since the 19th century. Found in the bark of Willow, Aspen, and Poplar trees, Salicin can give pain relief by chewing on strips of underbark (not outer bark) and making a tea. Like Aspirin, Salicin will help reduce fever, as well.

Arnica: A natural anti-inflammatory, this substance reduces swelling and, therefore, discomfort from injuries to joints and muscles.

Methylsulfonyl-methane (MSM): Derived from sulfur, this substance helps slow down degeneration from joint disease, especially when combined with

Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Over the course of time, osteoarthritis sufferers often report significant pain relief. It works by decreasing transmission of pain nerve impulses, and is very popular in Europe.

Curcumin: The herb Turmeric contains this substance, which increases the body’s defense against inflammation, thereby decreasing pain.

Fish Oil: Filled with omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil reduces inflammation by releasing prostaglandins when digested. It also blocks the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body. Commonly recommended in those with coronary artery disease, larger doses (2000-4000mg/day) are shown in several studies to give significant pain relief from various joint and immune disorders. Be aware that high doses of fish oil can thin the blood.

Ginger Root: A tea made of ginger root is thought to decrease inflammation and provide pain relief.

Many of the above substances are available in many different supplements that you can find online, many times in combination with each other.

Pain or fever in the best of situations is a major distraction to just about everyone.

In a survival scenario, it can be debilitating and that can greatly reduce your chances of making it through.

While natural pain and fever alternatives are not the same as the supercharged pharmaceuticals most of us use, any relief can be a blessing and make the difference!

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