How to Relieve Pain Naturally During SHTF


If you have ever sustained an injury or illness and had no access to pain or fever management medications, you know how awful it can be.

Even slight discomfort, in the best of circumstances, can be aggravating to the point of distraction. In the worst, a person can be completely immobilized and paralyzed with pain and discomfort.

The reality of both is enhanced in the midst of a survival incident or its aftermath.

Imagine a migraine with no pain relief or chance to sleep in the aftermath of a situation when everything – power, sewage, roadways, water, food, etc. – are all gone or greatly reduced in their utility.

Even if you are prepared at the outset, if the situation lasts long enough, your supplies will eventually run out or become ineffective.

Which means you will have to rely on natural options that while hardly perfect, can be sufficient; on the next page we talk about some of those options.

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