How to Prepare for the Unknown, Including Unprepared People

prepared for SHTF

You've been hard at work for the last few years prepping your gear, stocking up on supplies, and readying your bug out location just in case the time comes that your preparation is necessary.

When that time comes, when the world goes crazy and SHTF, you'll be ready with food, water, clothing and all other necessary supplies. Will you be ready for the unprepared, though?

The unprepared make up a majority of our population. These are the people who have grown soft and content with relying on everything being provided to them from store shelves and the government.

What if those things are no longer reliable?

Then you will have an army of people who are hungry, desperate and willing to do anything necessary to fill their stomachs. Remember those times camping when you would have killed for a cheeseburger? Multiply that by a million.

How can you prepare yourself for the unprepared? On the next page, you'll learn the major things you need to keep in mind.

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  1. Anthony Tidd said:

    Nothing to prepare for, shoot on sight unless it’s a family and they look like they have something to offer.

  2. Regina Morgan said:

    Yes there is something to prepare for. Medical emergencies, food shortage, enemies…..

  3. Anthony Tidd said:

    That isn’t what this article is about though. It’s about how to react and prepare for those who have adamantly denied having to prepare for anything. The sheep. In those terms alone, there is no need to prepare for them because when shtf, it’s about survival. My goal is to keep MY family alive and safe, not others.

  4. Anthony Tidd said:

    You are right but “dealing” with the unprepared would be swift and easy unless it’s a family.

  5. Anthony Tidd said:

    W.omen A.gainst I.slamic, thank you for your baseless observation but my family and I are doing just fine in that department. If you want to placate to those who are sheep, that is on you. I will have NO TIME for that crap, my family’s safety comes first.

  6. W.omen A.gainst I.slamic said:

    Anthony Tidd I have no idea what you are talking about. Obviously, a breakdown somewhere along the line. I was simply making the point that if you are prepared, truly prepared, you are ready for anything. I have no idea where your family came in at…thought we were talking about those that are unprepared