How to Make Penicillin With This Formula


For those of us that need a touch up on our history of medicine, Penicillin marked the beginning of the antibiotic age. It was discovered in 1928, as Alexander Fleming noticed that the bacteria in a petri dish full of Staphylococcus colonies were not able to grow in a tiny section of the mold.

Once Fleming was able to isolate the source from the mold, the medical world was never the same.

Doctors could now treat conditions like pneumonia and rheumatic fever, which were previously considered death sentences.

A byproduct of the Penicillium fungus, Penicillin has a formula that can actually be made at home. And if you have the ingredients ready for a SHTF situation you won't have to ever worry about running out of medicine post-collapse.

In fact, take a look at the next page to see what that formula looks like!

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  1. Dee Cooper said:

    Hmmm, interesting, however, I’m allergic to penicillin. And the list of ingredients to make it …wow, you’d have to find for me. Lol. I’ll stick with my colloidal silver 🙂 The pet store has been in my thoughts tho.

  2. Matt Portch said:

    How does one figure dosage and type of antibiotic for their infection?

  3. Doug Marris said:

    Spanish needle way better than penicillin/amoxicillin. Grows everywhere

  4. Michael Haggard said:

    Power inverter and battery, can recharge battery using solar, water or air powered turbine, or even a bicycle hooked to an old alternator/generator from a car.
    Just saying.

  5. Mark White said:

    The mold was accidentally introduced to the petri dish of staff. The extraction of the penicillin, from the mold, was intentional.

  6. Mark White said:

    This is intended for a situation where you have no other options. The penicillin you create would be your only choice of antibiotics. As for dosage, load up on it to kill the infection.

  7. Mark White said:

    In a true survival situation, it will be simple infections that will be major threats.

  8. Mark White said:

    Lance the infection, if possible, keep it clean and hope for the best.

  9. Randy Gentry said:

    Just make colloidal silver, much simpler, easier and no chemistry ssets needed

  10. Jon Thomas said:

    Note to self- just go buy 10 ampules of pennicillin and store in a dark cool space along with 2 doz # 25 syringes

  11. Rob Rau said:

    It was accidentally discovered that mold kills bacteria. Originally Back in the Day science was conducted in the kitchen. The guy was literally scraping some mold off of his bread to eat it and some of it went into a petri dish he was cultivating. He noticed that the mold kill the bacteria. That is exactly how it happened.

  12. Jonathan Gaspar said:

    Good info-as a self taught mycologists (let’s just say I was growing different fungi and leave it at that)-pretty well written and accurate article. Though I found out the hard way that complete sterilization is necessary, or else you’ll be growing all kinds of molds and fungi-not specifically the one you want-so def pressure cook the hell out of that$#%&[email protected]*man! Don’t skimp on the sterilization factor!!

  13. Jonathan Gaspar said:

    Invest in a mg scale-way cheaper are than they used to be-and give yourself a loading dose of 1g (1000mg), then half a gram taken about 12 hrs apart…