How to Make Penicillin With This Formula


For those of us that need a touch up on our history of medicine, Penicillin marked the beginning of the antibiotic age. It was discovered in 1928, as Alexander Fleming noticed that the bacteria in a petri dish full of Staphylococcus colonies were not able to grow in a tiny section of the mold.

Once Fleming was able to isolate the source from the mold, the medical world was never the same.

Doctors could now treat conditions like pneumonia and rheumatic fever, which were previously considered death sentences.

A byproduct of the Penicillium fungus, Penicillin has a formula that can actually be made at home. And if you have the ingredients ready for a SHTF situation you won't have to ever worry about running out of medicine post-collapse.

In fact, take a look at the next page to see what that formula looks like!

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  1. Jason Nosaj said:

    Ya really easy to do since half those ingredients would be next to impossible to source, and or identify, even not during a crisis!

  2. Nichol Ferguson said:

    Pet store.
    Aquatic antibiotics.
    In small jars.
    Longer shelf life.
    Vacuum sealed.
    Three common types, cillin cipero and sulfa.
    Avg 17$us per unit.
    1 to 2 oz. Powder.
    Mixes easily with Tang breakfast drink which speeds Vit.C –
    Excited to see if ^Tim pulls this off….

  3. David James said:

    I’ve read a lot of blogs and info on this and have seen testimonials of ingesting the moldy orange rinds and it working.

  4. Russ Beckwith said:

    Make sure you are not allergic to mold,or it’s liable to be the last thing you ingest

  5. Bruce Bruce said:

    After the collapse? Heck, if you can find that equipment and chemicals after the collapse….. It would probably be easier to find the petstore drugs or a pharmacy (which has probably been raided for pain killers but maybe not antibiotics which aren’t locked up 😉

  6. Rich Provost said:

    Seems to me like a risky idea. cAn you guarantee that it won’t be contaminated by something that will make you sick?

  7. Bijia Hsing said:

    Eff that…..laukahi…..kills staph…..strep and uti…..diabetes…..

  8. Greg Gosselin said:

    My guess is that if we can still get ice for the ice bath, and we have electricity for a fan…we can still go see a doctor.

  9. Alan Carnell said:

    I let a loaf of bread get moldy but I’ve never seen such a yellow color before. Usually greenish black when it turns.

  10. Stan Waters said:

    All you need is a bunch of lab glass and a decent chemical supply inventory. Sheesh!

  11. David Marklein said:

    Its why I have opted for mild silver protein
    It works better than penicillin
    Is available now in high concentration
    And is stable for 12 or more years

    I have used it to treat ear nose and throat conditions
    As well as infection with my animals

  12. Jeffrey S Bateham said:

    oh good,let make mold spore penni bwahahahahaha let me know your results.99%of the$#%&[email protected]*out there now Penni won’t touch,kind of useless fortunately I have other stuff

  13. Doug Taylor said:

    Packing a wound with bread mold will help prevent infection too.

  14. Jon R Welch said:

    And they say this scientist stumbled upon penicillin by accident now that’s a crock of crap if you look at all the variables this would be impossible to create by accident

  15. Keith Irey said:

    How about some PRACTICAL solutions? This is ridiculous and not reproducible in a shtf scenario.

  16. George Smith said:

    Pet store aquarium antibiotics. It’s what those in the know use. I always have. There stronger than regular antibiotics as they must be soluble for tanks. Pennicillin, amox, tetracycline etc.

  17. Richard Westlund said:

    I can envision after attempting this recipe, I might wake up hearing some old creepy guy shouting “It’s alive!”

  18. Elton Rice said:

    Fish amoxicillin or Amoxicillin from Mexico 100 tabs for $20.00

  19. Jon R Welch said:

    Spread the word join the Facebook page the 2016 NFL boycott like it and share it

  20. Paul Wolaver said:

    So, when the SHTF, you just need to order up :
    Lactose Monohydrate 44.0 gm
    Corn Starch 25.0 gm
    Sodium Nitrate 3.0 gm
    Magnesium Sulfate 0.25 gm
    Potassium MonoPhosphate 0.50 gm
    Glucose Monohydrate 2.75 gm
    Zinc Sulfate 0.044 g
    Manganese Sulfate 0.044 gm

  21. Jeff Barnes said:

    But if someone is allergic to it which is very common what then

  22. Steven Armour said:

    Lol. I like the disclaimer at the very beginning of the article: “you should not attempt to make your own penicillin”. I think that says it all.

  23. Glen McCormick said:

    You can buy antibiotics and even tetanus shots at a horse supply store for a fraction of what they cost you at a pharmacy