How to Go About Making Chloroform for Survival

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Chloroform is one of those things that's just steeped in negative connotations. In nearly every spy or killer movie, chloroform is the agent of lost power, rendering the hero or the villain unconscious long enough for their enemy to get them tied up and submitting to the will of the opposing force.

With such a history surrounding it, it's no wonder most people view chloroform with such trepidation.

However, before it was  a tool to disable enemies, chloroform was used to knock people unconscious for surgery and as such is a tool which could find itself useful again when SHTF.

However, while chloroform is incredibly useful in this regard, it's also incredibly dangerous.

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  1. Jose R Mateo said:

    In High school I used.
    Bleach and paint tinner.

    You mix the two in a plastic cup then you put the cup im a bucket of ice.

    The solution that forms up top of the liquid is chloroform.

  2. Seth Howell said:

    Not exactly good general knowledge but great in the end of the world hey

  3. Ryan Wood said:

    This is the old method. Like the “you *will* get brain cancer”, anarchist cookbook method.

    Learn a little modern Ochem and you can do a different, equally simple, synthesis that won’t turn you into a shitty dead version of Deadpool in 15-20 years.

  4. Paul Pakenham said:

    Learn a good Brazilian Jiu Jitsu choke. It’s quick, painless, and safe. It would render someone unconscious long enough to set a broken bone or something of that nature.

  5. Ben Skelton said:

    Highly recommended you don’t ever use this. Extremely easy for a layman to permanently hurt or kill someone

  6. Amanda Eagle-Housden said:

    Pour the solution in the ice or set the cup in to chill? If shtf then may not have ice, cold stream/water?

  7. Jose R Mateo said:

    Bleach and Acetone gets hot really fast. So it has to be chilled for it to work.

    Chill it Anyway possible. Set the cup in snow, or ice, cool it.

    Do not pour it in ice or snow…Just put the cup with the Solution in ice or snow.

    I said use a Plastic cup because it was what I got. But a Glass jar would be best. You’ll see it start to layer. The top Layer is the Chloroform.

  8. John Parsons said:

    When I was 8 years old that’s what they used to take out my tonsils

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