How to Correctly Lace Hiking Boots

hiking boots

Many of us will and have bought great high-end hiking boots, foot-wear we can be proud of. However, if we do not know how to lace those boots up correctly we are doing ourselves a disservice. There really is a way to lace-up that makes all the difference in the world!

Come on, you’ve felt it. You are walking along, thinking all is well, but as you progress you notice a little more heel room – a rubbing – that you know will leave a nasty blister.

Some outdoorsmen say that is just one of those things a hiker has to face. Hiking toughens up the feet which may be the case, but not having enough foot protection can also cause potential infection and injury. That's a shame because it really can be remedied.

If you have ever had problems or are even just a little curious, go on over to the next page. These tips are easy and effective. What is more, they are good for regular lace-up shoes as well as hiking boots!

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