How to Build a Durable Debris Hut During the Winter


Think about ambitious you wanting to take a hike. It’s colder out there but you are a good hiker and know the trail so just load up that backpack and start your walk. All is well and good until things begin to grow unfamiliar!

Somewhere along the line, you manage to get lost. Yeah, we know. That would not happen to you. But honestly, ninety percent of those people who get lost think the same thing.

What do you do when the temperatures start to dip and there you are without with-out warmth and shelter? After all, you did not think about staying the night in the wilderness! It was just a hike and you were supposed to be home by supper!

With the absence of a tent, or the supplies to make shelter, your best bet is to start building a debris hut and quickly! After the break, head over to the next page.

We will show you the steps to building your own hut during those cold nights during the winter!

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  1. Mark Dyer said:

    This day in age I would seek a more weatherproof area! Prepair don’t let this happen to you