How to Bake Bread in a Coffee Can. Try it, it’s Pretty Cool!

bread in a coffee can


Bread. For the most part, we all love it! It can be soft, firm, crusty and if you slather on butter, jelly or honey it’s pretty darn satisfying. It really is a good survivor food because it’s filling. The trouble is if you buy the store-bought stuff it’s not quite as tasty as it could be. Some of it is good but then there are other brands that make the experience similar to chewing on a leather chap!

Let’s face it, if you want great tasting bread and also want to know what all the (healthy) workings are in side of it, you have to make it yourself! When a SHTF scenario happens you just may have to make your own bread.

“Whoa!” you may say. “I don’t know anything about making bread!” Lucky for you, we have everything you need to know on the next page. Not only will this be simple but if you are a coffee drinker your bread making equipment is a mere coffee can away!

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  1. Gregg Pastore said:

    My mom used to make this. When it was hot and fresh right out of the oven, it was amazing. Gonna have to try this…now only if I can find a metal coffee can. You think I can make mini bites in a Keurig Cup?

  2. Paul Niewiemski said:

    The ingredients say corn meal but the directions say corn starch. Which is it? I may try this.

  3. Clark Burdine said:

    If you can prepare enough to have everything you need to bake bread in a can you can take a bread pan!

  4. Paul Anderson said:

    Does coffee still come in metal cans???? I haven’t seen one in years.

  5. David Schuster said:

    I think there’s one called something like chock full o nuts or something weird like that. And a lot of generic brands.

  6. Joan Carroll said:

    You can make Flan in a coffee can also. I was taught this by a Cuban friend of mine.

  7. Roger Mathers said:

    If you’re reduced to baking”survival bread” in a coffee can, chances are the risk of cancer from paint is pretty low on your list of potential danger

  8. Eddie Fish said:

    No! Make sure the coating on the inside of the can has been removed either by burning it out or some other way. If not it will make you sick.