Hiding Firearms – Pros, Cons, What to Do and What Not to Do…


Deciding to hide your firearm from the authorities is serious business and should not be taken lightly – it may be better to try and reason with the authorities or even to turn them over, particularly if the situation is utterly out of control.

But if you decide to hide your firearms, here are some tips:

Know Where NOT to Hide Your Guns

The first thing about hiding guns during martial law is knowing where not to hide them.

Hiding your guns in the normal places – like a hidden compartment under your kitchen cabinets – isn’t going to work in these worst-case scenarios.

Ideally you don’t hide your guns inside your home.

If you must hide your guns inside, count on the fact that authorities during martial law probably won’t have a lot of time to do a thorough search (again, we don’t know what will happen – we can just weigh the likely possibilities).

Places like inside a hollow hot water tank or a watertight bag under the gravel in a fish tank could work.  Ammo could go in a hollow curtain rod.

An off-site hiding place might also work.

Hiding Your Guns Underground

Most experts agree that the best place to hide your guns during martial law is underground.  Yes, authorities do have ground-penetrating radar that would allow them to find buried guns.  However, it is unlikely that there will be time to search every square inch of your property so underground is likely the best way to go.

There are some advanced strategies there for hiding guns underground – like digging a trench from your home to a shed or barn.  The trench has a heavy metal cable in it.  The firearm is at the end of the trench.  If authorities detect metal and start digging, they find the cable first and don’t bother to dig anymore.

Burying a gun is very problematic:

•    You need to find an unobservable place that no one will bother
•    The place also needs to be accessible so you can get your guns when the SHTF
•    You need to protect your gun against the elements

Bonus Strategies for Hiding Guns during Martial Law

In addition to hiding your guns underground or indoors, here are some other strategies which can help keep your guns safe when SHTF during martial law:

Have a Decoy Gun

Have a gun badly-hidden somewhere in your home.  When the authorities come and find it, make a big deal about turning it over.

“How am I going to protect myself without a gun?”

“You are going to take my ONLY gun!!!!”

Report Your Gun as Stolen

If the authorities have a list of the guns you own, you could get thrown in jail for not turning them all over – including those ones you’ve got hidden underground.

One way to get your guns off the register is to report them as stolen.  This is illegal and I’m not condoning it in normal situations.  However, if you see the situation getting really bad, you could report your gun as stolen and your name could get taken off the list.

Know When to Resist

I’ve heard a lot of preppers say that, “If it is time to bury your guns, then it is time to use them.”  They argue that, if the authorities come to take your gun, it is your patriotic duty to start shooting.

I personally don’t agree with this logic.  Getting yourself killed isn’t going to do society any good.  It is just going to leave society with one less person to stand up against martial law.

And you most certainly will get killed if you start shooting at soldiers with superior technology who are lined up outside of your door or cordoned neighborhood.

Please note that we are talking about a true, out-of-control survival crisis, where most normal civil processes and infrastructure has not just broken down but is no longer possible or functioning.

In that case, you still should defer to the law.

But if you find yourself in a situation where that is ill-advised and feel you must hide your firearms, follow these tips.

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  1. Sean Mel said:

    Waterproof drop bag or box connected to a chain or cable anchored a few feet offshore underwater. Then toss it out and sink it. Later, wade out, grab the cable, reel your guns back in