Here’s How to Tie a Square Lashing in Just a Few Steps

square lashing

When a disruptive event occurs, we never know what situation we may be faced with. This is why it is crucial that preppers learn all the skills that we possibly can. That way you will know how to make the most of the materials you have around you. Every prepper should know how to tie a square lashing. You never know when you might need to use it for!

The Steps For Tying a Square Lashing Are:

Getting Started

You will need some cordage along with two cylindrical objects. It can be anything from a broom handle to a pair of branches that have similar dimensions.

Make the Clove Hitch
The first step is to make a clove hitch around one of the poles near the center. Take cordage, wrap one end around the pole by starting on top, going underneath. Pull end from bottom over cordage on top of pole from right to left. Loop it around pole from top to bottom on the left side. Feed end that emerges from the bottom beneath the loop that you just made on top. Pull the end through, the hitch will tighten.

Attaching the Poles
The next step is to place the pole with the clove hitch beneath the other one. Center them so they form a perfect cross, slide the clove hitch next to the vertical pole. Take the small end piece, place it over and across the vertical pole at a 45 degree downward angle to the right. Place the smaller piece atop the longer one, gently pull on both until they are slightly taut. Pull them at a 45 degree angle down and to the right of center so that the ends bisect the bottom right quadrant of the cross. Twist these to pieces together until the shorter one is fully-wrapped with the end sticking out from beneath the final twist.

When you make the last pass, and the cordage is on top of the vertical pole below the joint, wrap it underneath the pole going in the opposite direction. Pull it over the horizontal pole on the left side before pulling it beneath the vertical pole on top. Bring it over the horizontal pole on the right before pulling under the vertical one on the bottom. Make at least two passes before having the cordage exit the bottom vertical pole and over the top left horizontal one. Loop it around the horizontal left pole and side the cordage through the top of the loop when you’re done. Loop it one more time before sliding the cordage upward beneath and between the top loops you’ve just made. Pull the end to secure and trim any excess cordage.

If you follow these steps you will be a pro at tying a square lashing in no time. This way you can use this skill to help you build a shelter that will hold up well against wind, rain, or even snow. This is definitely a vital skill to have when bugging out and having to live off the land. It can make surviving just a little bit easier.

To find out more about how to tie a square lashing, please visit Prepper Universe.


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